Scholarly Writing

“Social Texts, Social Audiences, Social Worlds: The Circulation of Popular Dance on YouTube.” Dissertation. Ohio State University, 2019. OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center.

“Word Play Combinations, Metaphor, and Mimesis: Janelle Ginestra’s ‘7 Rings’ and a Few of my Favorite Things.” Peephole Journal 13 (2019).

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The History and Aesthetics of Bronx-based B-boying 1975-1985 and Luanda’s Dança Kuduro: An Analysis of Development and Dissemination. Honors Thesis, Cornell University, 2010.

Around the Web

Interviewed for, quoted in LATimes: Easter, Makeda. “Rise of the Dancefluencer.” 16 Jan 2020.

Guest on That Bleeping Podcast popular culture roundtable, episode on Can’t Hardly Wait. 29 July 2018.

Guest post PoPMoves: International Research Group for Performances of the Popular “Dancing the Francophone Postcolony on YouTube”  19 Sept 2015.


ReadyMadeBouquet: solo-authored popular dance and internet culture blog. Read some of my favorite posts:

Sartorial Scholars: Feminist Fashion academic blogging collective. Here are a few selected posts I wrote:

  • “Black&White Wednesday: The Craft.” Introductory essay: “Witches in (Pop-Culture) Context.” 30 Oct 2017.
  • “Lookbook: Second Glass of Lemonade.” Essay on costumes and textiles in Lemonade. 12 May 2016.
  • “Roundup: #WednesBey.” Introductory essay on Lemonade’s steamfunk aesthetic. 11 May 2016.
  • “Purim Costumes As a Feminist Scholar.” 23 March 2016.
  • “What to Wear: Downton Abbey Series Finale.” On 20s fashion and Downton costuming. 6 March 2016.